Welcome to the Wyrd TacticsEdit

Welcome to Wyrd Tactics, a wiki designed to offer concise information on Malifaux 2nd Edition - offering tips on how certain figures are used, advice on what upgrades to take for certain situations, crew building, and even means to effectively counter enemies.

The goal of each page is to offer brief information and not flood you with needless details - giving you ideas quick and easy since there is SOO much to explore in this game with 39 Masters alone creating essentially 39 different playstyles to the game (and that in turn doesn't include the mass multitude of minions they can choose to build their crews - nor the options of having your crews lead by Henchmen).

Isn't this just Pullmyfinger.wikispaces? Edit

Pull My Finger did start the Malifaux Wiki movement, but I personally found it suffering from information overload - giving significantly too much when it could be edited down for easier reading and reference. While I did approach Pull My Finger with this suggestion, they rejected it. Thus Wyrd Tactics was formed.

Why Create it? Edit

Malifaux is a great game - utilizing "You-Go, I Go" to radically minimize downtime compared to its main contenders (Gamesworkshop and Privateer Press), there is clever use of symbolizim and urban references (you can play as the Ice Queen, Jack the Ripper, Doctor Frankenstien, Tarzan, The Pied Piper, etc...) which adds a great sense of class and clever design, and its unique card-instead-of-dice mechanic offers a very intelligent way of controlling your action results - offering a notable depth of strategy that isn't apparent.

That being said, there is a LOT to cover in Malifaux. As an academic with degrees in Teaching, Performance, and Writing, I find I learn better as a I teach. In the case of Wiki creation, I study the rules of each model and write my findings down allowing me to reflect on my findings to progressively understand what works and why. And while I could keep these findings private, I chose instead to offer them in a public forum should anyone else benefit from my work in doing so.

Latest activityEdit

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