Prime Role Tank
Second Role Support
Complexity High
Cost/ Cache Unknown
Suit Unknown
Mobility V.High
Offense Good
Support High
Survival Good

 Playstyle Edit

Tactics Edit

Builds Edit

Crew Synergy Edit





Strategies Edit

Turf War Edit

Reckoning Edit

Reconniter Edit

Squatter's Rights Edit

Stake a Claim Edit

Schemes Edit

Line in the Sand Edit

  • Line in the Sand - earn 2VP if crew has 4+ Scheme markers on the Centerline at the game's end (3 if revealed)

Common Schemes Edit

  • Assassinate - gain 2 VP if the enemy leader is killed/ sacrificed
  • Breakthrough - gain 1 VP for each Scheme within 6" of the enemy Deployment Zone
  • Protect Territory - gain 1 VP for each Scheme within 6" of its deployment zone
  • Bodyguard - gain 1 VP if your Henchman/ Enforcer is alive on Turn 4+ and 1 VP if they have 50+% Wds at game's end
  • Distract - can use non-Peons to distract targets. Gain 1 VP every turn at least two enemies are Distracted

Uncommon Schemes Edit

  • Cursed Object - gain 1 VP if you removed Cursed Object condition from an enemy model at the end of a turn
  • Outflank - gain 1 VP at the end of the game if you have a non-peon on the centerline within 3" of the board edge.
  • Plant Evidence - gain 1 VP for each scheme marker that is within the Enemy half of the table and adjacent to a piece of terrain
  • Vendetta - gain 1 VP if your chosen model makes it first attack against a targeted enemy model
  • Plant Explosives - once per game earn 1 VP for each enemy within 3" of at least one of your Scheme markers
  • Take Prisoner - gain 2 VP if you have a non-peon model engaged with a model in the opponent's crew at the end of the game
  • Make Them Suffer - at the end of each turn after turn one, gain 1 VP if your Henchman or Master killed a least one enemy Minion/ Peon
  • Frame for Murder - gain 1 VP if your chosen non-peon model is killed by the enemy, or 2 VP if killed by the enemy Master/ Henchman
  • Power Ritual - gain 1 VP for each table that has a friendly Scheme within 6" of it
  • Entourage - gain 1 VP if your chosen Master/ Henchman is in the Enemy half of the table (2 VP if they are in the enemy deployment zone)
  • Deliver a Message - your non-leader/peons can make a (2) interact when engaged with the enemy Leader to earn 2 VP
  • Murder Protege - earn 2 VP if the highest cost enemy model is killed/ sacrificed before the game ends
  • Spring the Trap - once per game earn 1 VP for every Scheme within 4" of the enemy leader

How to Counter Edit

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