Prime Role Unknown
Second Role Unknown
Complexity Unknown
Cost/ Cache Unknown
Suit Unknown
Mobility Unknown
Offense Unknown
Support Unknown
Survival High

 Playstyle Edit

Currenly the only non-dual Master of the Ten Thunder, Shenlong

Tactics Edit

Adapt to the Situation Edit

At the start of your turn, you have a choice to make:

  • Have a local Peasant place a Scheme Marker - summoning a second Peasant by doing so
  • Have Shenlong perform one of his two (0) actions

Of these, you should usually choose the first as it gives a free scheme marker AND a crew member to give you activation advantage. The other option should be used only if Shenlong is not within range of a Peasant (or if his totem/s have been killed).

Builds Edit

Shenlong typically only takes two Upgrades so he has room to equip a limited 'Style' upgrades with his 0 action. This saves his crew 2ss - meaning his cache is much higher than it first appears.

Strategies Edit

  • Turf War
  • Reckoning
  • Reconniter
  • Squatter's Rights
  • Stake a Claim

Schemes Edit

Line in the Sand Edit

  • Line in the Sand - earn 2VP if crew has 4+ Scheme markers on the Centerline at the game's end (3 if revealed)

Common Schemes Edit

  • Assassinate - gain 2 VP if the enemy leader is killed/ sacrificed
  • Breakthrough - gain 1 VP for each Scheme within 6" of the enemy Deployment Zone
  • Protect Territory - gain 1 VP for each Scheme within 6" of its deployment zone
  • Bodyguard - gain 1 VP if your Henchman/ Enforcer is alive on Turn 4+ and 1 VP if they have 50+% Wds at game's end
  • Distract - can use non-Peons to distract targets. Gain 1 VP every turn at least two enemies are Distracted

Uncommon Schemes Edit

  • Cursed Object - gain 1 VP if you removed Cursed Object condition from an enemy model at the end of a turn
  • Outflank - gain 1 VP at the end of the game if you have a non-peon on the centerline within 3" of the board edge.
  • Plant Evidence - gain 1 VP for each scheme marker that is within the Enemy half of the table and adjacent to a piece of terrain
  • Vendetta - gain 1 VP if your chosen model makes it first attack against a targeted enemy model
  • Plant Explosives - once per game earn 1 VP for each enemy within 3" of at least one of your Scheme markers
  • Take Prisoner - gain 2 VP if you have a non-peon model engaged with a model in the opponent's crew at the end of the game
  • Make Them Suffer - at the end of each turn after turn one, gain 1 VP if your Henchman or Master killed a least one enemy Minion/ Peon
  • Frame for Murder - gain 1 VP if your chosen non-peon model is killed by the enemy, or 2 VP if killed by the enemy Master/ Henchman
  • Power Ritual - gain 1 VP for each table that has a friendly Scheme within 6" of it
  • Entourage - gain 1 VP if your chosen Master/ Henchman is in the Enemy half of the table (2 VP if they are in the enemy deployment zone)
  • Deliver a Message - your non-leader/peons can make a (2) interact when engaged with the enemy Leader to earn 2 VP
  • Murder Protege - earn 2 VP if the highest cost enemy model is killed/ sacrificed before the game ends
  • Spring the Trap - once per game earn 1 VP for every Scheme within 4" of the enemy leader

How to Counter Edit