Playstyle Edit

Graves is the Bouncer of the Honeypot Casino and does his job well. He is big, tough, able to take plenty of hits, and give back in turn. His place is in Melee, moving an enemy around (pushing them away from the support of their allies)

Pros Edit

  • Decent Wds, Black Blood, Armor 1 and Hard to Kill
  • Ht 3

Cons Edit

  • Ht 3
  • Average Cg

Synergy Edit

Masters Edit

  • Lilith appreciates Mr Graves as he can shove Rooted enemies to make them suffer -3 Wd's, and push them towards hungry Nephilim wanting to grow up. Graves is a Nephilim himself and so benefit from some of her effects.
  • Lucius Matterson can recruit Graves (and Tannen as well) provided the Leader has the upgrade Surprisingly Loyal.

Minions Edit

  • Mr Tannen has particular affinity with Mr Graves. Tannen can pull Graves to him with Bore to Tears, while Graves can have Tannen regain Manipulate.
  • Beckoners can lure enemies towards Mr Graves to escort away. They can also be hired by Lucius since they are also Mimics.
  • Terror Tots love Mr Graves since his push targets will let them jump on the victim and attack for free.

Tactics Edit

How to Defeat Edit

Graves is tough but he can fall. Being Ht 3 he cannot hide behind the majority of his allies, and even stands out in Melee, so ranged attacks are ideal to remove him (encouraged more so due to his Black Blood).