A survivor who possessed an unique immunity to the supernatural influence of an anchient Malifaux power. Now this card-shark acts as its host, providing a conduit for the being to spread its 'brilliance' and feed when it is time to reap its harvest.

Playstyle Edit

Pros Edit

  • Dual Faction (Neverborn/ Ten Thunders)
  • High Cache
  • Can hire 4 models with Chronic
  • High accuracy attack with a trigger for every suit
    • Can discard a card to assign the card's suit to the attack
  • Good card shuffling/ drawing mechanics

Cons Edit

  • Only one (0) action (though it is a good one)

Upgrades Edit

Expert Cheater (1ss) Edit

Friendly models that Jacob can see may cheat fate with the card face-down - revealed only after the opponent has chosen (or not) to cheat.

Rising Sun (2ss) Edit

Synergy Edit

Tips Edit

Use your Zero Edit

Jacob only has one (0) action, but it allows him to discard 0-3 cards and draw new cards to replace them. This should be your first action each time you activate Jacob to get rid of any cards with a value of 5 or less - especially if there are very few high value cards in your discard pile.

How to Defeat Edit

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